VeEX MTTplus-900

Sept. 26, 2017

With WiFi and wired Ethernet interfaces and a dedicated spectrum analyzer, VeEX's Air Expert module removes the need to carry various dedicated pieces of test equipment. It covers all aspects of the installation and maintenance processes, from RF network discovery and survey to troubleshooting and traffic load performance testing, says VeEX.

Additionally, as real-time and bandwidth-hungry applications (like video and audio streaming) place a traffic load strain on the network, it cannot be properly assessed with RF metrics alone. The Air Expert's strength comes from its ability to run dual-ended upload and download traffic tests. These tests evaluate the network's performance under load and measures QoE parameters from an end user's point of view. Technicians can quickly establish whether the achieved upload and download rates meet SLA requirements and readiness for high-bandwidth traffic like audio and video streaming, with preconfigured profiles for common applications (Netflix, YouTube, Skype, VoIP).