GL Communications VQuad Probe HD

Sept. 26, 2017

VQuad Probe HD is a self-contained unit that includes VQuad software, Dual Universal Telephone Adapter (Dual UTA HD) and PC in a portable platform with a variety of power options suitable for field testing.

VQuad Probe HD can connect to practically any end-point and wired or wireless device, independent of underlying network type, and perform automated voice, video and data testing. Various associated analytical applications (voice quality, video quality, data tests, echo and delay tests, fax tests, and voice band analysis) work with the base VQuad software to provide "end-to-end assessment" of the network performance. Using the VQuad Probe HD, a variety of networks can be tested including wireless (VoLTE, LTE, VoWiFi, WiFi, 4G, 3G), VoIP (SIP), analog (PSTN, ATA, gateways) and TDM.