Mexico’s Megacable doubles down on Verimatrix anti-piracy, cybersecurity tech

April 26, 2022
Building on previous deployments of Verimatrix platforms, the Mexican telecom operator announced it will add the company’s Streamkeeper and XTD products to further strengthen its security.

Verimatrix this month announced that Megacable, one of Mexico’s largest telecommunications companies, has selected a suite of Verimatrix products and technologies to fortify its enterprise defenses. Newly deployed platforms include Verimatrix XTD (Extended Threat Defense), Streamkeeper Watermarking, Streamkeeper Edge Authenticator and App Shield.

The vendor notes that hackers are continually looking for new ways to infiltrate enterprise security walls, and that Verimatrix XTD consistently identifies and closes vulnerabilities. Verimatrix XTD is an enterprise SaaS solution that will monitor Megacable’s mobile apps and devices connected to their cloud services.

Verimatrix XTD’s features, per the company, include:

  • Shielding Apps – With self-defending mobile application shielding, Verimatrix provides organizations with layers of protections such as obfuscation, environmental checks and anti-tamper, plus 24/7 monitoring with immediate detection when an app is under attack with remote shut-down capability.
  • Unmanaged Device Telemetry – Protection from unmanaged devices at the endpoint, such as set-top box receivers, IoT and medical devices, by gaining real-time, continuous threat intelligence utilizing Verimatrix’s zero-code telemetry technology.
  • Monitoring and Early Detection – Better understand the threat profile of the installed base of users, and drill down into the risk score of an individual app instance, with real-time notifications of high-risk events to uncover hidden dangers in an enterprise security wall.
  • Attack Pattern Detection and Prediction – Comprehensive, predictive analysis of cyber threats based on large data sets, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), to recognize patterns, making future predictions to benefit the enterprise.

Meanwhile, the unique deployment of the Verimatrix Streamkeeper zero-code injection technology into select Megacable set-top boxes is cited as a first for both companies.

The process will protect access to the Content Security Network (CDN) without the need for cumbersome, time consuming or expensive integrations, meeting stringent requirements from major studios that require it for 4K Ultra HD content. Megacable may add additional Verimatrix Streamkeeper services to its portfolio of anti-piracy countermeasures in the future.

Finally, having used Verimatrix IPTV and DVB Hybrid content security solutions since 2012, Megacable’s work with Verimatrix is also expanded with the deployment of the vendor's Watermarking and Edge Authenticator anti-piracy solutions.

“Megacable already enjoys robust network security, but by adding Verimatrix XTD and Streamkeeper anti-piracy technologies, we’re creating an even more formible security posture for our company, our content and our customers,” said Gerardo Seifert Arriola, chief marketing officer at Megacable. “We’re pleased to continue working with Verimatrix to provide an excellent user experience while also deploying the latest in security technology to maintain our stance as the regional leader in our industry.”

Asaf Ashkenazi, chief operating officer and president at Verimatrix, concluded, “Megacable has taken a bold step forward by adding threat defense and anti-piracy technology to their enterprise security stack. Megacable is now our largest customer to date to commit to deploying Verimatrix Streamkeeper and Verimatrix XTD solutions. The alliance underscores our goal to provide proactive cybersecurity and anti-piracy countermeasures that fortify operators against threats of today and the unforeseen dangers of tomorrow. We’re pleased to continue working with Megacable to provide unique and innovative solutions that boost protections and also help ensure exceptional user experiences no matter how content is accessed.”