Teleste, Arcom Digital partner in Europe

Nov. 30, 2020
Partnership extends Arcom's cable network monitoring technology footprint into the European cable markets.

Teleste and Arcom Digital have signed a strategic partnership expanding the offering of Arcom's cable network monitoring systems into Europe. The partnership extends Arcom's footprint into the European cable markets while enabling Teleste to complement its offering of intelligent network platforms for operators with Arcom's range of products designed for network impairment diagnostics.

"Teleste has always been focused on improving the quality of service in cable networks, and our 'Intelligent Networks' technology is utilised by operators across Europe today to achieve high subscriber satisfaction, while increasing operational efficiency and keeping costs in control. We understand the significant and unique benefit offered by the Arcom products in furthering this effort and we are excited to assist in bringing this to our customer base," commented Rami Kimari, Teleste's Vice President of HFC Networks.

Based in the United States, Arcom has more than 35 years of experience as a manufacturer of a wide range of technology products for the worldwide cable television industry. The company continues to provide innovative tools for digital system environments, helping operators solve issues related to such problems as common path distortion (CPD).

The partners say the Arcom products allow operators to troubleshoot the network without affecting customers and they are, therefore, a natural fit with Teleste's Intelligent Networks technology, enabling improved service uptime and increased operational efficiency. Products include: hardware and software tools for ranging distance to non-linear impairments like CPD; simple non-proprietary solutions for return sweep and balance for Remote PHY; as well as next generation time domain reflectometers and signal leakage tools. In addition, Arcom notes that its CPD detection tools fill a void in existing proactive network maintenance tools that are unable to range nonlinear distortions.

For operators, the companies say the new partnership provides access to a "one-stop-shop" of network management and measurement tools, enabling a better quality of subscriber services through increased uptime and shorter repair and maintenance times. In addition, the partnership also provides a future opportunity to integrate Arcom software with elements of Teleste's software platforms, thereby providing a more seamless customer experience.

"Arcom invests in developing unique tools to help operators better maintain their networks. We are excited to offer Arcom's products through Teleste's extensive sales and distribution network. This partnership will enhance our world class customer and product support across Teleste's geographical footprint," said Greg Tresness, CEO for Arcom Digital.