Atlantic Broadband selects Akleza for proactive network maintenance

Oct. 15, 2020
Akleza's CableDiag platform was selected and has delivered a comprehensive suite of proactive network maintenance tools.
Akleza, Inc.
Akleza Atlantic Bb

Akleza, Inc. announced that Atlantic Broadband, the nation’s eighth-largest cable operator, has selected and fully deployed its CableDiag platform to automate its process for identifying, prioritizing, and resolving potential service impairments in its cable network.

Atlantic Broadband has licensed four Akleza software modules: CableDiagEQ, CableDiagRF, CableDiag31, and CableDiagUA, delivering a comprehensive Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM) solution with visibility into both upstream and downstream cable plant impairments.

Akleza says its CableDiagEQ analyzes pre-equalization data to automatically diagnose network faults based on location (in-home, drop/feeder or outside plant), assign severity, and validate repairs.

CableDiagRF is billed as an always-on and non-intrusive remote spectrum analyzer that automatically detects impairments (suckout, wave, ingress noise, etc.) that affect both video and high-speed data service. CableDiag31 monitors and reports on DOCSIS 3.1 service performance using PNM data collected from cable modems and CMTSs as specified in the DOCSIS 3.1 OSSI specifications. CableDiagUA is an upstream spectrum analyzer leveraging the spectrum capture capability of the CMTS to monitor the return path signal and help isolate performance and cable plant issues.

The Akleza CableDiag PNM solution will help Atlantic Broadband identify and address HFC network and customer service issues while resolving potential problems proactively, leveraging data from DOCSIS devices already in the network and not requiring any expensive specialized or dedicated monitoring hardware.

“With this PNM solution integrated into our customer service and engineering operations, we will gain greater insight into our cable network performance, allowing us to more rapidly correct problems and improve service quality. This will enhance customer satisfaction, reduce operational costs and prepare us to offer new enhanced services,” said Aaron Brace, Vice President of Engineering for Atlantic Broadband.

“We are very pleased to be working with Atlantic Broadband and expanding our relationship with Cogeco Communications to help Atlantic Broadband service technicians identify, isolate and resolve faults in their networks thereby reducing their operational expenses,” added James Medlock, CEO of Akleza. “We are singularly focused on hiding the complexity of the underlying technology and delivering a set of intuitive graphical software tools that makes life easier for field technicians and customer service representatives”.

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