ADTRAN aims to ease CAF performance testing

ADTRAN (NASDAQ:ADTN) has introduced a software-only Connect America Fund (CAF) performance test offering intended to help service ...

ADTRAN (NASDAQ:ADTN) has introduced a software-only Connect America Fund (CAF) performance test offering intended to help service providers meet and manage FCC requirements without huge inconveniences or raising privacy concerns, while offering enhanced data analytics.

"What's great about our approach is we address a complex government mandate that has the potential to be expensive and invasive with an easy-to-use solution to comply with FCC requirements, enhance subscriber experience and protect privacy," said ADTRAN General Manager of Subscriber Solutions and Experience Jeff McInnis. "Our zero-touch solution enables service providers to cover every FCC aspect - from the customer network to the test server to reporting requirements - and is truly the most thoughtful, comprehensive solution on the market."

The ADTRAN Network Performance Testing solution is designed to help recipients of CAF funds meet the requirements that go into effect July 1, as described in the FCC Order DA 18-710 for Connect America Fund Recipient Testing. It also accommodates service providers looking to meet the Alternative Connect America Cost Model (A-CAM) requirements detailed in the same order, as well as future testing regulations that may be developed in other countries.

The standards-based software is designed to run on any TR-069 compliant device, including xDSL, Ethernet, DOCSIS, PON, and LTE WAN gateways and to let service providers remotely schedule and collect data on CAF performance and latency testing. Service providers also have the option to purchase the full portfolio of ADTRAN SmartRG residential gateways with embedded software and sign up for the test management service.

"What excites me about ADTRAN's approach here is that they understand how untenable it would be for me to create a testing strategy and roll out to my pre-selected homes and explain why we need to install another box, much less say it's a government requirement," said John Greene, CEO of New Lisbon Telephone Co. "Making this an easy software solution that can be managed by ADTRAN helps me meet requirements and understand my network better to grow revenue to pay for the solution itself. That is super smart and what service providers need."

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