AFL Intros OTDR Analysis Software

Afl Trm 300x180
Afl Trm 300x180AFL is launching Test Results Manager 2.0, analysis and reporting software designed for use with NOYES fiber-optic test and inspection products. Available in TRM 2.0 Basic and Advanced versions, the software is designed to permit technical personnel to view results, generate acceptance reports, analyze OTDR traces, loss or certification results and batch-edit OTDR traces uploaded from all NOYES M-Series, C-Series, CS-Series, OFL-Series, FLX-Series OTDRs and OPM products.

TRM 2.0 Basic is included with every NOYES OTDR and OPM5 test sets, and additional copies are available for purchase. TRM 2.0 Advanced adds automatic bi-directional analysis and macrobend detection capabilities. Both versions are designed to support GR-196 v1.1 and SR-4731 Issue 1 and 2 OTDR files and to permit fiber inspection images from the NOYES FOCIS inspection system to be included in test reports.
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