Triveni, Avateq Team on ATSC 3.0 Analysis, Monitoring

Nov. 7, 2016
Triveni Digital has partnered with Avateq, a provider of signal analysis and RF layer monitoring or broadcast applications. Avateq's AVQ1020 ...

Triveni Digital has partnered with Avateq, a provider of signal analysis and RF layer monitoring for broadcast applications. Avateq's AVQ1020 ATSC 1.0 and AVQ1022 ATSC 3.0 ActiveCore RF layer monitoring receiver and signal analyzers will be rebranded under the Triveni Digital StreamScope product family as StreamScope XM RF.

Using the StreamScope XM RF in conjunction with Triveni's StreamScope XM MT quality assurance and StreamScope EM-50 enterprise manager systems is intended to help broadcasters proactively detect, isolate, and resolve problems that degrade broadcast services across any transmission layer, including RF, MPEG, and IP, in ATSC 1.0 and ATSC 3.0 architectures. The companies also are planning to collaborate on further integration with the StreamScope product family.

"Once the industry adopts the next-generation ATSC 3.0 broadcast television system, stations will have an opportunity to deliver new media types and services, resulting in increased monitoring and analysis requirements for quality assurance," said Vladimir Anishchenko, CTO at Avateq. "Teaming up with Triveni Digital, we are able to provide broadcasters with a comprehensive solution for analyzing and monitoring ATSC 3.0 streams and data structures."

Based on an ActiveCore platform, Avateq's AVQ1020 and AVQ1022 systems are designed to monitor and analyze all major digital broadcasting standards including proprietary modulation schemes (e.g., ATSC 3.0 and ATSC 1.0).

"Our transport stream monitors are the leading choice of broadcasters for improving quality assurance operations for MPEG and IP workflows," said Ralph Bachofen, vice president of sales and marketing at Triveni. "Partnering with Avateq, a company with cost-effective, professional-grade RF monitoring solutions, further ensures that broadcasters transitioning to ATSC 3.0 are fully prepared to monitor service quality issues at each layer of the transmission. The result is better TV for viewers - now and in the new ATSC 3.0 era."

StreamScope solutions will be demonstrated at NAB Show New York, Nov. 9-10.

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