Effigis IRXP Field Portable Ingress Digital Receiver - 3.5 Diamonds

Sept. 29, 2020
The IRXP Field Portable Ingress Digital Receiver can capture an additional 47% of impairment events versus alternative instruments, asserts Effigis. It provides high-accuracy ingress detection onsite. The receiver can be used in HFC DOCSIS 3.1, DOCSIS 4.0 and Remote PHY networks. Use of the IRXP enables smarter truck rolls and reduced cable customer churn through network reliability. The instrument also is a value-added complement to an MSO’s existing PNM tools and full-band capture cable modems.

Judge’s Comment: “Cable operators will take a look at this tool…Plant maintenance and plant quality are areas where service providers are trying to improve quality and reduce costs.”

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