Connected TVs in 21% of U.S. Households

According to data from ABI Research, at least 21% of U.S. households (approximately 27 million) have either an Internet-ready TV, game console, standalone Blu-ray player, and/or smart set-top box connected to their home network. Of these four device categories, the game console is the most used device, reaching more than 80% of connected TV households, followed by Internet TVs (27%), standalone Blu-ray players (24%), and smart set-top boxes (13%).

In total, nearly half of U.S. households have at least one current generation game console, while almost 16% have an Internet-ready TV, a base similar for standalone Blu-ray players (smart set-top boxes comes in at under 5%). Looking out to 2017, the penetration rates are expected to exceed 60% for game consoles, TVs, and Blu-ray players, though only 48.5% of consumers with a home network currently have one of these devices connected to the Internet.
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