CableLabs Completes tru2way/DLNA Interop

Ten industry suppliers participated in the third of a series of CableLabs tru2way Home Networking interoperability events. The most recent event was held at CableLabs from April 30-May 4. Participants demonstrated sharing of premium cable content between a variety of IP-based DLNA client services, including early implementations of HTML5-based clients and cable operator-supplied remote user interface (RUI) program guides. The content was securely shared over the home network using DTCP-IP link protection.

  • Participating device manufacturers included Humax, Samsung Electronics, Sony Computer Entertainment America, and Sony Electronics.

  • DLNA technology component suppliers included ACCESS Systems, Groupo Communications, Myriad Group and PacketVideo.

  • tru2way host device manufacturers were represented by Cisco. Silicondust provided an OpenCable unidirectional receiver device.

  • Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Cox Communications provided program guides that integrated tru2way technology with multi-room DVR capability. Additionally, Comcast and Cox also provided HTML5-based program guides that supported playback of linear content.

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