Amino Set-Top Certified with Minerva

Sept. 15, 2017
Amino's Aria 6 hybrid TV device has been certified for Minerva 10, Minerva's pay TV service management platform. The Minerva 10 platform ...

Amino's Aria 6 hybrid TV device has been certified for Minerva 10, Minerva's pay TV service management platform.

The Minerva 10 platform features TV applications including electronic program guide (EPG), device- and network-based DVR, whole-home DVR, catchup TV, pause live TV and restart TV. In addition, it's designed to provide access to pay-per-view, VOD and SVOD services and integrate over-the-top (OTT) video sources via a personalized interface.

The Aria 6 is a hybrid HEVC client device with tuner options that blends live and OTT services. It is powered by a 6K DMIPs processor, with up to 1 GB of on-board memory. It's designed to provide flexible options for delivering hybrid IPTV/OTT services across IP and broadcast networks.

Amino CTO Mark Evensen said: "This latest certification extends the most deployed IPTV ecosystem in the world - and underlines our long and successful partnership in delivering high quality solutions to the pay TV market. Both the Aria and Minerva 10 are in lock-step in enabling operators to offer leading-edge services that combine the best in whole home delivery with powerful new TV 2.0 experiences for consumers."

Minerva's VP of Marketing Matt Cuson said: "Minerva is excited to be able to offer the Aria 6 to our customers. Cable and IPTV operators will benefit from the long history Amino and Minerva have in jointly delivering high quality, high performance TV experiences."