ARRIS Set-Tops Deploy in Argentina

Sept. 20, 2017
ARRIS' (NASDAQ:ARRS) Global Services team deployed custom DCX4220 set-tops in a multiscreen system for Cablevision's new Flow TV ...

ARRIS' (NASDAQ:ARRS) Global Services team deployed custom DCX4220 set-tops in a multiscreen system for Cablevisión's new Flow TV service across Argentina.

Flow TV uses the DCX4220's hybrid IP design to integrate all of Cablevisión's traditional TV channels and on-demand content with a new user interface designed to let consumers view content any time, from multiple locations, on mobile phones, tablets, PCs or TVs. ARRIS designed the custom DCX4220 hybrid IP set-top specifically to enable Flow subscribers to access personalized streaming, QAM, and IP content, including recording to the cloud, viewing on multiple devices, and personalized suggestions for multiple user profiles.

ARRIS Global Services' Systems Integration team provided end-to-end integration of the customized solution, working alongside Cablevisión and software developer Minerva. The team created the high-level design for the entire system, including the user interface. The ARRIS Systems Integration team is currently assisting with network operations inside Cablevisión's Network Operations Center.

"Cablevisión's ongoing collaboration with ARRIS has helped us rapidly deploy cutting-edge services that anticipate our subscribers' needs. We leveraged ARRIS' set-top and end-to-end integration expertise to bring Flow to life," said Guillermo Paez, product manager, Cablevisión. We're confident that our technology investment and close collaboration with ARRIS offers a scalable pathway for continuing to deliver the future of TV to Argentina."

Cablevisión currently has 3.5 million cable TV customers and more than 2 million broadband customers in 12 provinces and 90 cities across Argentina.