Incognito Software Subscriber Self-Care Widgets - 4 Diamonds

Sept. 29, 2020
Incognito offers a new delivery approach to home user technical self-care with widgets – modular, re-usable and customizable software code executed within a web browser. Widgets can augment an existing self-service customer portal or provide new functions within a mobile application. Home users get easy and familiar access to technical self-care, and service provider IT development teams can accelerate new applications development in weeks by easily integrating widgets into existing BSS customer portals or mobile applications, providing a one-stop-shop for all customer care needs. Functions include automated troubleshooting of common home network challenges like password resets, speed tests and field-service diagnostics.

Judge’s Comment: “Creating web-enabled portals that allow customers to manager their experience, view data usage, enable parental controls, enable network security, view network events and performance all improve customer experience dramatically. They also lower support costs and allow network resources to be deployed on complex network issues and upgrades.”