Comcast's Northeast Division boosts internet speeds for most subscribers

March 8, 2022
More than 75% of the operator's Xfinity residential internet customers now benefit from speeds of 300 Mbps or higher.

Comcast's U.S. Northeast Division on Mar. 7 announced that it has increased internet speeds for its most popular Xfinity internet tiers, providing an extra boost for millions of residential customers across 14 northeastern states, from Maine through Virginia and the District of Columbia.

Starting immediately, the operator said the following upgrades will be offered to its customers at the following Xfinity internet tiers at no additional cost:

  • Extreme Pro will increase download speeds by more than 12 percent and upload speeds by 33 percent, from 800/15 Mbps to 900/20 Mbps
  • Blast! will increase download speeds by 50 percent and double upload speeds, from 400/10 Mbps to 600/20 Mbps
  • Performance Pro will increase download speeds by 50 percent and double upload speeds, from 200/5 Mbps to 300/10 Mbps
  • Performance upload speeds will double from 100/5 Mbps to 100/10 Mbps
  • Performance Starter upload speeds will double from 50/5 Mbps to 50/10 Mbps

Notably in October 2021, Comcast Xfinity increased its Gigabit Pro network speeds from 2/2 Gbps to 3/3 Gbps symmetrical speeds, nationwide. The operator says its Gigabit Pro network uses enterprise-grade, fiber-based Ethernet technology to make it possible for Xfinity internet customers to receive symmetrical multi-gigabit speeds so they can stream or game in 4K in multiple rooms of the home.

“Faster speeds will give Xfinity customers added capacity to power all their WiFi-connected devices in the home,” commented Kevin Casey, Comcast Northeast Division President. “Through our smart, fast and reliable fiber-dense network, continued innovation and our people, we bring our customers unbeatable 9nternet with the best connection, advanced cybersecurity, faster speeds and the best tech available.”

The new speed increases follow on the heels of Comcast’s 2021 WiFi Trends Report, published in February 2022, which shared key findings detailing why WiFi is integral to Americans, with the number of devices connected to WiFi skyrocketing by 12X since 2018.

In the report, Comcast claims its Xfinity households connected nearly 1 billion devices in 2021.