Cox Business adds enterprise-grade work-at-home connectivity options

June 24, 2020
Cox Business’ new solutions provide forward-looking organizations a way to better support remote staff by supplying a separate connection with broadband, Wi-Fi and related services.
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Cox Business has today introduced the new Cox Business Work-at-Home solutions, including an enterprise-grade, separate internet connection direct to employees’ homes.

As working at home has become the new normal, many forward-thinking employers are taking extra measures to ensure employee productivity isn’t hindered by connectivity challenges. To answer this demand, Cox Business’ Work-at-Home solutions allow organizations to provide remote staff with company-provided services, including broadband, Wi-Fi, McAfee endpoint security and MalBlock to help ensure staff members have the same highly reliable, quick connectivity they would have when working in the office.

“Wi-Fi, congestion and security issues have been a concern of many companies as more employees are having to work from home,” said Steve Rowley, executive vice president, Cox Business. “Cox Business Work-at-Home solutions separate work and home connectivity, giving employees enterprise-grade connectivity and Wi-Fi to promote more productive employees.”

Additional benefits of Cox Business’ Work-at-Home connectivity offering include: enterprise-grade security with McAfee and MalBlock at home to protect the business, and professional installation for data connectivity and self-install for voice functionality. Access to a range of commercial features like static IP addresses is also available, as are complementary business-grade service level agreements and support to quickly resolve issues.

Other features of the Cox Business Work-at-Home solutions include secure business voice identity for working at home or on-the-go; centralized billing directly to the business; and a la carte options to ensure conferencing and collaboration needs are met, including Microsoft 365 support, available from RapidScale, a Cox Business company, and Cox Business Complete Care (which combines remote troubleshooting and resolution of PC, laptop and app issues).

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