CUJO AI privacy baked into Technicolor RDK-B gateways

March 3, 2020
CUJO AI's Incognito privacy solution is now being pre-integrated with Technicolor broadband customer premises equipment (CPE) running RDK-B and Homeware ...

CUJO AI's Incognito privacy solution is now being pre-integrated with Technicolor broadband customer premises equipment (CPE) running RDK-B and Homeware, Technicolor's middleware based on OpenWRT. The integration is intended to allow Technicolor to offer users privacy and tracking protection services with no endpoint software needed in the home. The CUJO AI Incognito solution is designed to automatically block tracking software that profiles users on the Internet.

"Each day we are committed to improve and enhance the connected experiences for millions," said Einaras von Gravrock, CEO of CUJO AI. "Considering the fact that consumers want more control of their data, we have enhanced the CUJO AI portfolio to include Incognito. Today, it is the only solution that allows users to navigate their network and secure their own digital identity without leaving any digital footprint. More importantly, we are excited about joining forces with Technicolor to bring this unique and disruptive solution to the market. Surely, CUJO AI Incognito will have a significant impact on how users understand and put their trust in advanced technology."

"Given that consumers can now access the Internet with a plethora of new devices and apps, the protection of personal information has become a critical topic for service providers. We are pleased to be the first technology company to incorporate CUJO AI Incognito into our broadband gateways portfolio. This demonstrates another step forward in our engagement with CUJO AI, who was one of our first partners to enroll in the Technicolor's HERO partnership program. This initiative allows service providers to rapidly launch new services, generate new revenue streams and lay the foundation for competitive differentiation in the user experience delivery," said Mercedes Pastor, president of the Global Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) Business Unit for Technicolor Connected Home.

CUJO AI Incognito features include:

  • Privacy protection - Incognito is designed to detect and block activity trackers, advertising engines and third-party tracking scripts across all types of Internet browsing, including SSL-encrypted content, TVs, IoT devices and mobile apps.
  • No endpoint software needed - Incognito is designed to provide network-level protection at the broadband or network-deployed gateway, meaning no software is needed on individual devices.
  • Whitelisting - Incognito uses whitelists where it knows that sites won't work if tracking software is blocked, and it lets that traffic through.
  • Constant updates - Machine learning algorithms monitor, process and react to new tracking and advertising sites in real time.
  • Customizable - CUJO AI is designed to enable the service provider to choose which tracker types are blocked and to customize the whitelist sites for their user base.