The MSO Subscriber Wars, Part 2: the Foundation of an Empire

Aug 22nd, 2019

Originally aired on August 22, 2019 
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Event Description:

In part one of EXFO’s four part webinar series entitled The MSO Subscriber Wars, we delved into the impact that Millennials—and their disruptive media consumption habits—will have on MSOs. From the services they offer to the consumer analytics solutions they use to measure quality of experience, MSOs will need to stay nimble and creative to keep their bottom lines healthy as this latest generation moves ahead of the Baby Boomers in buying power.  
The MSO Subscriber Wars, Part 1 – Adapt or die

For part two in this webinar series, CommScope joins EXFO to look at the evolution of network infrastructure from an MSO perspective. Leveraging extensive subscriber intelligence and over 30 years of industry experience, John Ulm, Engineering Fellow at CommScope, will discuss how to get the most value out of existing network infrastructures (HFC, RFoG, DOCSIS 3.X, 4.X), their lifespan according to consumer behavior and share a brief look into future technologies ahead the horizon.

Eric Honig, Director of Product Management, Physical Layer at EXFO will provide insight on network transformation best practices including how to mitigate deployment risks and how to future-proof networks through improving visibility across entire infrastructures. In an era of fiber densification and exponential bandwidth growth, “plug and pray” no longer fits. Within this context, Eric will discuss the importance of first laying a solid fiber foundation ahead of any network transformations.Key takeaways from this webinar:

  1. The key metrics that measure consumer-bandwidth consumption behavior
  2. How to leverage the most out of existing HFC infrastructures and gage their lifespan
  3. The solid fiber foundation required before moving ahead with network transformations
  4. 4. How increased QoE can help MSOs gain a competitive edge

Presented by:

Eric Honig
Director, Physical Layer Business Unit, Test and Measurement Division

Eric Honig is Director, Physical Layer Business Unit at EXFO where he is responsible for overall strategic direction, product leadership and business development of optical network field test equipment and cloud-hosted workflow automation solutions for the telecom industry. In this capacity, Mr. Honig is responsible for coordinating cross-divisional strategies, roadmap alignment and overall go-to-market strategy for the business. Overall, Mr. Honig has over 20 years technical and business leadership experience in the telecommunications industry.

John Ulm
Eng Fellow, Broadband Systems
CTO – Network Solutions team

John is an Engineering Fellow for CommScope CTO Network Solutions group (formerly part of ARRIS), investigating Advanced Technologies for Broadband Systems.

Recent research includes:

  • Next generation HFC distributed access architectures - including Remote PHY Remote MACPHY
  • FTTx migration strategies for HFC: Fiber Deep N+0, FTTLA, FTTC & FTTH 
  • DOCSIS 3.1 and its futures: Full Duplex (FDX) & Extended Spectrum 
  • Network capacity modeling 
  • IP Video solutions featuring multicast- ABR

John’s three decades in the Broadband industry began as architect and MAC developer at LANcity, pioneering the industry’s first cable modems. He was a primary author for the Cable Industry’s DOCSIS 1.0 and 1.1 specifications. He also was senior technical consultant to Broadband industry with YAS Corp. John holds a BSEE and MSEE from RPI and has a multitude of papers and patents to his name.

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