Tom Cloonan

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Chief Technology Officer - Network Solutions

Tom Cloonan has been the Chief Technology Officer- Network Solutions of ARRIS for the past 14 years, responsible for directing the architectural work and future product planning for ARRIS network products. Tom and his team recently architected the new ARRIS E6000 CER product. His current research is on the design of highly-scalable next-generation networks for the cable and telco space, with a focus on large Integrated CCAPs and Distributed Access Architectures. Prior to that, Tom was the CTO and co-founder of the start-up company Cadant, where he led the architectural work for the development of the C4 CMTS. In a previous life, Tom also worked as a Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff at Lucent Bell Laboratories on various telecommunications platforms (Toll Digital Switching and ATM Switching) and high-speed routing platforms. His past research also included seminal work on Free-Space Photonics Switching that led to many inventions and patents. Tom has a BSEE degree, a MSEE degree, and a Ph.D in Physics. His work has resulted in over 40 patents, over 80 published papers, two books and several book chapters.