Eric Carson

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CTO & product manager

Eric Carson, CTO & product manager for Tektronix’ file-based validation products, has been listening to customers & building innovative products to meet their needs in the digital media test & measurement space for over 10 years.

After designing and overseeing product engineering for Blu-ray physical and video test tools, Eric was directly responsible for the start-up of Digimetrics, where he oversaw the creation of Aurora QC, Hydra Player and AutoFix correction tools. In addition to his contributions in system architecture (with two patents awarded for video artifact detection) and engineering oversight, he additionally took responsibility for managing the business until Digimetrics’ technology was exclusively licensed to Tektronix in January, 2015.
Since joining Tektronix, Eric remains heavily involved in forward looking customer conversations and product planning, and he continues to enjoy the opportunity to watch and coach baseball & softball players around the world.