Dan Rice

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Senior Vice President - Network Technology

At CableLabs Dan is the member facing executive responsible for the Access Network Technologies R&D department including the Better Pipes and Pervasive Wireless Themes. He is responsible for strategy, funding research, project execution, and technology transfer including co-innovation and development with vendors, universities and industry forums. The DOCSIS™ and PacketCable™ programs have fundamentally driven global broadband and telecommunication economics and adoption.

Prior to CableLabs Dan was CTO for mycontent.com an over-the-top video and social media start-up. Mr. Rice joined ARRIS in December 2007 after the company acquired C-COR. In his role as VP Technology Strategy at ARRIS, he was responsible for strategy enabling product synergies across the different ARRIS Business Units in the Chief Strategy Office. Rice supported the Media and Communication Systems business unit product lines including OSS software, Video On Demand, Advertising Solutions, IP video and Fixed Mobile Convergence. At C-COR, Dan was responsible for the technology direction at CCOR’s Global Strategies Group as well as VP of Product Development at the company’s Operational Support Systems (OSS) product lines. He joined C-COR in 2004 with the acquisition of Stargus, Inc. where he was Vice President Network Engineering and Chief Architect. Previously, Rice was the Director of Intellectual Property and Network Analysis for Road Runner. There, he was responsible for the creation and management of the companies IPR program and portfolio. Rice also directed the DOCSIS network engineering and related network management efforts. His background includes an initial term at CableLabs, where he served as a senior member of the Technical Staff. There, he championed research associated with advanced data-over-cable modulation technology, HFC network optics, and the physical layer of DOCSIS. Rice's other credentials include the modeling and simulation effort for the DOCSIS PHY, MAC layer, and managed the genesis of the Home Networking initiative for CableLabs. Prior to CableLabs, Rice developed digital wireless communication devices. Rice earned his BSEE from Texas Tech University and a master's degree from the University of Washington where he studied electrical engineering.