SCTE lines up Expo speakers

May 15, 2018
In their first joint panel appearance, the current president/CEOs of the NCTA, CableLabs and the SCTE/ISBE will outline at Cable-Tec Expo ...

In their first joint panel appearance, the current president/CEOs of the NCTA, CableLabs and the SCTE/ISBE will outline at Cable-Tec Expo this fall how the cable industry is collectively harnessing its organizations' strengths to advance near- and long-term technology deployments to maintain the industry's leadership amid rapid marketplace changes.

The NCTA's Michael Powell, CableLabs' Phil McKinney, and the SCTE/ISBE's Mark Dzuban will be featured as part of an Opening General Session panel titled "An Integrated Circuit: Closing the Links Between Innovation, Deployment and ROI" on Oct. 23. The panel will be moderated by Tony Werner, president, technology and product, Comcast (NASDAQ:CMCSA).

"The cable industry's leadership in deploying new technologies has been a cornerstone of our mission to provide consumers with services that make their lives better," said Powell. "As technology continues to transform connectivity and entertainment, our organizations will lay the foundation for rapid implementation of next-generation products that will continue to meet consumer demand."

"When we look at the next 10 years, we see tremendous opportunities not only for cable but for cable's impact on healthcare, education, automotive, and any industry that requires access to high-speed broadband," said McKinney. "The close relationship with NCTA and SCTE/ISBE helps the industry deploy CableLabs' innovations to the benefit of those customers."

"SCTE/ISBE's applied science mission is fundamental to bringing the vision of NCTA's members and CableLabs' innovators to life," said Dzuban. "Our collaboration with both organizations has spurred development of training, certification, and standards that have helped to accelerate the time-to-market and ROI for products that are maintaining cable's competitive edge."

Last week, the SCTE/ISBE announced that Pat Esser, president of Cox Communications, will keynote the Cable-Tec Expo Opening General Session on Oct. 23 in Atlanta. Esser will speak about how product innovation and excellence in service delivery can help the industry maintain its leadership position in an evolving media and entertainment landscape.

"Our customers today have a greater choice of communications and entertainment options than ever before," said Esser. "SCTE/ISBE and Cable-Tec Expo play important roles in ensuring that we have the standards, the workforce training and the applied science leadership that are fundamental to the seamless delivery of services that enable our industry to stand out from the crowd of competitors."

Cable-Tec Expo 2018 is scheduled for Oct. 22-25 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. Early bird registration is available at