SCTE announces 10-year plan for Expo growth

Oct. 22, 2018
The SCTE/ISBE announced a long-range plan that is designed to ensure the continued success of Cable-Tec Expo. The plan includes ...

The SCTE/ISBE announced a long-range plan that is designed to ensure the continued success of Cable-Tec Expo. The plan includes strategic locations, partnerships with cable system operators, and collaborative relationships with the vendor community and other industry associations.

"The cable industry's Organization Review Committee gave SCTE/ISBE and SCTE/ISBE Cable-Tec Expo high marks," said Bill Warga, vice president, Technology, for Liberty Global and chairman of the SCTE/ISBE board of directors. "Our goal with this plan is to continue to build the relevance and value of Expo as a platform for driving learning and development, applied science, and technology leadership for the next decade."

The plan was created in anticipation of the SCTE/ISBE's 50th anniversary next year by Mark Dzuban, president and CEO of the SCTE/ISBE, and Zenita Henderson, senior director, Marketing Operations, Business Development and National Conferences for the SCTE/ISBE, with input from the organization's board of directors and Expo attendees and exhibitors. Key elements include:

  • Following next year's event in New Orleans, a schedule of September or October dates through 2029 in cities that are focal points of the industry, with multiple visits to Denver and Atlanta and individual events in Philadelphia and Washington, DC
  • An increased commitment by the MSO community, including MSO sponsors in each locale who will take the lead on creating program content, securing guest speakers, and ensuring participation by senior leadership teams up to and including C-level executives
  • Implementation of broad measures to enhance value for exhibiting companies, including measures designed to increase interaction with prospects and customers, complimentary admissions for Fall Technical Forum speakers, and reconstitution of the Cable-Tec Expo Exhibitor Committee to ensure that exhibitors' needs continue to be addressed

"What's fueled the success of Cable-Tec Expo in recent years has been the willingness of operators, vendors, and our partner organizations to make the event a priority for their teams," said Tom Adams, executive vice president, Field Operations, for Charter Communications and vice-chairman of the SCTE/ISBE board. "Our plan is designed to provide a framework that will help the industry as a whole continue to leverage the power of Expo to promote technical excellence and innovation that can drive bottom line results."

"The extraordinary support we've received from Kevin Hart and Pat Esser this year is the template we've used to identify how operators can work more closely with Expo in the future," said Dzuban. "The successful event they've helped us create this year has created a foundation on which we can further nurture the partnerships across the industry and around the world that are continually refreshing Expo with new ideas and perspectives."

Cable-Tec Expo 2019 will be conducted Sept. 30 through Oct. 3 in New Orleans.