2009 Diamond Reviews HOF

Nov. 16, 2009
5 Diamonds Alloptic Managed MicroNode RFoG ONU The Managed MicroNode RFoG ONU extends Alloptic's RFoG ONU product range by adding a group of RFoG ONUs with remote management capabilities. It allows the extension of fiber deeper into the...

5 Diamonds

Alloptic Managed MicroNode RFoG ONU
The Managed MicroNode RFoG ONU extends Alloptic's RFoG ONU product range by adding a group of RFoG ONUs with remote management capabilities. It allows the extension of fiber deeper into the network - to the subscriber's location from a headend or hub - while continuing to use [more]Aurora Networks NC2000 Optical Platform
"Aurora is famous among MSOs for never once raising their prices and they continue to look out for us during these hard times by providing all the performance of their NC4000 in a 2x2 version to operators to save money in applications where a reduced [more]SEE THEIR VIDEO HERECiena CN 5305 Service Aggregation Switch
Robust was the word used by more than one judge to describe this solution. This switch solves a problem "all operators contend with - mixing and managing multiple encapsulation formats and handling them off successfully to the access network," one panelist concluded. Another said: "With the growing business [more]Cisco RF Gateway 10
"Can someone say please supersize my universal edge QAM?" one of BGR's panelists quipped. "480 QAMs on a single chassis (13 RUs) - that's impressive." Cisco says that its RF Gateway 10 universal edge quadrature amplitude modulation (U-EQAM) device provides the [more]Harmonic MediaPrism Convergence Suite and ProStream 4000 Multi-Screen Transcoder
BGR's panelists found this to be very useful equipment for MSOs moving to "three-screen" TV-anywhere mode of service delivery. They liked its [more] SEE THEIR VIDEO HERE
Vecima Terrace MDU Gateway
The Vecima Networks Terrace MDU gateway is a multichannel QAM to analog RF converter. Demodulated MPEG-2 transport streams from multiple QAMs are decrypted, decoded to analog, then converted to the correct RF channel. The Terrace can demodulate up to 16 QAM carriers, select the [more]

4.5 Diamonds

ARRIS MDX 9200 The ARRIS Media Distribution Switch (MDX) 9200 is purpose-built for multiple-screen converged media services. The company says it offers low operating costs by leveraging non-volatile, high-density solid-state storage to eliminate servicing hard disk drive failures and reducing power demands with fewer moving parts. ARRIS also reports that it has the highest storage density and bandwidth capable from flash storage.

Unique features of the MDX 9200 include full line rate [more]

JDSU MicroStealth QAM
The Diamond Technology Reviews judges liked the "grass roots" and "keep it simple" focus of this product."It has great potential for reducing operational costs and getting it right the first time to minimize additional truck rolls," one panelist said. [more]Motorola SURFboard Modular EMTA Platform
Motorola's SURFboard M-EMTA platform can be applied to both multi-tenant businesses and multi-dwelling residential installations (strip malls, apartments, hotels, etc.) to extend broadband coverage to subscribers. It also provides a multi-line high-speed data and IP voice solution. [more]Phoenix Broadband Power Agent Monitoring System
This solution is "much needed as operators seek ways to efficiently maintain backup plant and monitoring" one of our judges commented. Phoenix Broadband Technologies' Power Agent system not only [more]RGB Broadcast Network Processor (BNP)
"A whole lotta horsepower in 1 RU!" a Diamonds panelist noted. Another pointed out: "RGB has put a lot of thought into this processor, from supporting MPEG-2 and H.264 to ensuring integrations with SCTE-18." RGB Networks' BNP is currently in use by cable operators to deliver more HD programming, groom custom channel lineups and to generate new ad revenues through the [more]Sunrise Telecom realGATE Broadband Test Management System
BGR's judges stressed that MSOs are striving to ensure that every install is perfect and that subscribers only call back to pay compliments or order more services. "The realGATE solution is a perfect way to achieve those results," a judge commented. "The practice of [more]

4 Diamonds

Alloptic DPC DOCSIS PON Controller Software
Alloptic's DPC DOCSIS PON controller software enables DOCSIS provisioning and control of the Alloptic EPON and Hybrid RF PON systems. DPC facilitates the acceleration of PON rollouts by MSOs using DOCSIS for service delivery. With DPC, Alloptic says that operators realize the benefits of PON, while continuing to use DOCSIS flow-through provisioning and control. DPC acts as a proxy [more]Alloptic Return Path Receiver
"Operators will find this product useful for FTTH projects especially those utilizing remote OLTs," one of our panelists concluded.The emergence of RFoG technology is stretching the limits of typical return path receivers found in HFC [more]

ARRIS ConvergeMedia Management Suite The ARRIS ConvergeMedia Management Suite features the VOD Dashboard, part of the ConvergeMedia Management Suite for On Demand, and allows operators to configure system views of on-demand usage to suit their specific needs and enable them to identify service-impacting issues. The product's management tools allow high-level viewing of on-demand services with the capability to run analysis and drill down to detailed information about specific issues. It features Lights Out operations that do [more]

BelAir 100S Release 9.0 "This continued enhancement of a useful product will let operators increase revenue options and reduce installation and operations costs," a panelist said. Another put it in even a more simple way: "Excellent concept and implementation." BelAir Networks says its 100S strand-mounded WiFi node helps reduce OPEX by leveraging cable operators' existing network infrastructure for mounting, power and backhaul - removing all traditional barriers to effective large scale WiFi deployments, while [more]

Cisco Explorer 8642HDC Next-Generation Hybrid DVR and Media Server
The H8642HDC features Cisco's sixth generation system-on-chip (SoC) design, offering what the company reports as 300% more processing power than previous generations. The standard 320 GB hard disk drive doubles the DVR storage of previous HD/PVR models to record more programs. The 8642HDC is a hybrid IPTV/QAM design that supports the sending or [more]

EXFO ROADM/POTS and 40G Testing Combo Judges agreed that the modular aspect of this product was key to its solid score. "Operators can add elements as necessary ... EXFO has built a great enabler for MSOs to optimize their optical transport networks," one of BGR's panelists stressed.

Building on EXFO's modular design, the company's new portable solution combines the FTB-5240S-P optical spectral analyzer (OSA) and the FTB-8140 Transport Blazer modules in the FTB-500 platform to offer operators an integrated [more]

"The Fujitsu FLASHWAVE CDS is a considerable solution for MSOs challenged with the ever-growing needs to add business Ethernet across a legacy network," one of our judges stated. Fujitsu's FLASHWAVE CDS packet optical networking platform delivers high-density connection-oriented [more] SEE THEIR VIDEO HERE
Harmonic ProView 7000 Integrated Receiver and Stream Processor
Harmonic reports that its ProView 7000 integrated receiver and stream processing platform is "the world's first solution to combine a scalable video receiver, DVB descrambler, multi-format decoder and MPEG stream processor in a single rack unit." By integrating transport stream [more] SEE THEIR VIDEO HERE
JDSU MVP-200 Video Probe
One judge cheered the JDSU MVP-200 video probe for its ability to provide an improved solution for MSOs to reduce the mean time to repair by providing real-time monitoring and simultaneously completing deep packet inspections on select streams. "The full-time, 100% monitoring of all digital [more]JDSU T-BERD 6000A Multi-Service Application Module
One panelist put it simply by saying he was impressed by this small, yet powerful, piece of test gear that he believed had a great user interface. JDSU claims that its handheld T-BERD 6000A multi-services application module [more]Mixed Signals Sentry 4.0
"I love this product," a Diamonds judge said. "A definite must-have for evaluating the 'final' video quality factor received by the customer. Going farther than a simple evaluation of bits in error or transmission errors, this product attempts to evaluate final video quality as perceived by the customer, which is the ultimate standard to meet. If our industry fails to do this, our customers will tell us by switching to [more] SEE THEIR VIDEO HERE
R.L. Drake Digital Freedom System
A Diamonds judge summed up this solution by saying it's a excellent way to start the move to MPEG-4. Drake claims that its Digital Freedom system is the lowest cost, full end-to-end MPEG-4 digital and HD video delivery platform available today. The system's architecture is designed to overlay existing hardware to minimize downtime upon installation and maximize the current hardware [more]Sunrise Telecom STT 40G
Sunrise Telecom's STT 40G is a 40G/43G test system that verifies the performance of new, high-bandwidth synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH), optical transport networks (OTN) and SONET networks. As super high-bandwidth links like OTU3, STM-256 or OC-768 carry more user traffic, a single failure could have a catastrophic impact on a large subscriber base. [more]Sunrise Telecom SunLite GigE Tester
"[It's] a must-have device for any MSO growing its Ethernet business services. This is a light and easy-to-use test meter for any tech challenged with ensuring best QoS and exceeding SLAs," a BGR judge stated.The Sunrise Telecom[more]TANDBERG Television Xport Time-Shifted TV Solution
TANDBERG Television's Xport Time-Shifted TV (TSTV) solution is said to offer operators a way to dramatically expand the number of broadcast channels they can offer as part of a delayed viewing experience (including [more]Vecima Terrace QAM
The Diamonds judges that reviewed this product gave it high marks for its ability to open up new markets for cable operators. The Vecima Networks Terrace QAM hospitality gateway is a multichannel QAM to QAM transcryptor for use in the hospitality industry. Demodulated MPEG transport streams are decrypted by CableCARDs then re-encrypted using Pro:Idiom technology. The encrypted MPEG transport streams are [more]