SCTE Launches 'Green' Standards

The SCTE announced the formal adoption of SCTE 184 and SCTE 186, the first two standards for energy management in the cable telecommunications industry.

The standards, the first in a planned portfolio of energy-related specifications for the industry, have been created by the SCTE Standards Program's Sustainability Management Subcommittee (SMS) to help the industry reduce energy consumption and costs within mission-critical operations facilities. SCTE 184 establishes recommended practices for energy management, while SCTE 186 defines common environmental and sustainability requirements for equipment within those facilities.

In other SCTE standards news, the Society has approved SCTE 76 2012, "Antenna Selector Switches," and SCTE 186 2012, "Product Environmental Requirements for Cable Telecommunications Facilities."

SCTE 76 is intended to specify recommended mechanical and electrical standards for broadband RF devices whose primary purpose is to allow signals presented to an input port to be routed selectively to one of two or more output ports.

SCTE 186 defines product physical, environmental, electrical, and sustainability requirements during transportation, storage, operation, and disposal. The spec is limited to indoor shelf, frame, rack, and cabinet level equipment.
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