1/3 of Homes Subscribe to Fixed Broadband

According to ABI Research, the worldwide fixed broadband market continues to grow across different regions, and is expected to reach 618.7 million subscribers at the end of 2012, increasing 7.3% from 2011. In terms of penetration, more than one-third of world’s total households are expected to have fixed broadband connections at the end of 2012. The growth has come from all the fixed broadband platforms: DSL, cable and fiber.

North America has the highest fixed broadband penetration around the world, with 72.4% of households using broadband services. By the end of second quarter, Western Europe had added 1.2 million subscribers in 2Q-2012 resulting in a penetration rate of 72%. Subscriber base of key broadband operators in Western Europe increased more than 1% from the first quarter. The majority of the North American operators grew about 0.8% from the first quarter except Cox Communications, which grew approximately 3%.
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