Cable-Tec Expo: Fun Times

2 Sonyaguerinmiketussle 300x180
Expo isn't all work, and even the BTR crew has been known to have a little fun once in a while. Click on the pix for larger images.

2 Sonyaguerinmiketussle 300x180 BTR Hosts Sonya Gavankar (L) and Guerin Austin (R) tussle over who gets to do the next interview.

3 Receptionhighangle 300x180 Good times at the BTR Diamonds Reception at Dux in the Peabody Hotel.

4 Prettydiamondsallinarow 300x180 Pretty Diamonds all in a row.

5 Trilithiccrew 300x180 Looks like the Trilithic crew has found some interesting reading material. We kinda strive for that.

6 Comsonics 300x180 Ken Couch (L) and Russ Briley of ComSonics with their Diamond.

7 Envivio 300x180 Arnaud Perrier (L) and BTR Publisher Rob Stuehrk with Envivio's Diamond.

8 Peabodyducks 300x180 Yes, they really do have ducks at the Peabody.

9 Blinedineratpeabody 300x180 The Peabody also has remarkable baked goodies in its B Line Diner.

10 Orlandolocal 300x180 One of the Orlando locals, none too impressed by tech for some reason.

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