Survey: NYC Never Sleeps Because it's Online

New York is not just the city that never sleeps -- it's the city that's always online. Time Warner Cable commissioned a study by Strategy One asking New Yorkers in all five boroughs how important high-speed Internet is to them, how they use it, when they use it, why they use it and what they know about it. High-speed Internet ranked higher than coffee, bagels, taxi rides, and even air conditioning. Among the results:

  • If they had to choose one thing to live without, New Yorkers would give up coffee (32%) and good bagels (30%), but almost nobody would give up fast Internet (3%).

  • In case of severe weather, more New Yorkers would miss the Internet (26%) more than the lights (12%), TV (15%), or the fridge or freezer (12%).

  • If they had to cut back, New Yorkers would give up taxi rides (80%), magazines (63%) and cell phone service (14%) at higher rates than Internet service (7%).

  • Two-thirds (67%) of New Yorkers use the Internet at home in the evening, half use it late at night (52%) or at home doing work during the day (51%) and four in 10 New Yorkers use the Internet as soon as they wake up (43%).

  • Although half of New Yorkers (51%) would wait for 15 minutes to see a movie in a theater, only 18% would wait 15 minutes to download a movie online.

  • Three times as many New Yorkers would want a game console that connects to the Internet (18%) than a puppy (6%) as a gift.

  • One quarter (25%) of all New Yorkers who visit a community or recreation center most appreciate having access to a computer with high-speed Internet.

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