Light Brigade Launches Fiber Safety DVD

Content Dam Btr Migrated 2012 03 Lightbrigade Fibersafetydvd
Lightbrigade Fibersafetydvd 300x180The Light Brigade, AFL's training division, is releasing its newest menu-based staff development DVD, titled "Fiber Optic Safety." The DVD is intended as a training tool to enhance the fiber optic safety program of anyone who works with optical fibers or lasers, or who installs or operates fiber optic communication systems. The DVD's 10 menu-selectable chapters include:

  • Laser types and classifications, how they operate and various control measures

  • National and international fiber optic and laser safety standards

  • Optical fiber handling and safety

  • Chemicals and right-to-know documentation

  • Fiber and laser testing and inspection equipment types and applications

  • The impact of high-power Raman and EDFA optical amplifiers

  • Safety practices during installation and restoration

  • Potential safety problems along with causes and possible solutions

  • Safety in confined spaces

  • Types of personal protective equipment

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