Allied Telecom Group to equip Alexandria City Public Schools with broadband service

Feb. 29, 2024
The school district will more than double its broadband connectivity with the option to increase it by more than 1,000% over the next four years.

Alexandria City Public Schools tapped Allied Telecom Group to provide internet services to the district's 18 area schools and administrative offices, serving more than 15,000 students in grades pre-K through high school.

By working with Allied Telecom Group, the school district will double its broadband capacity and provide the option to increase it by more than 1,000% over the next four years. The contract also includes Denial of Service protection to safeguard against cyberattacks.

This agreement highlights how local school systems will require greater bandwidth to support a transition from premises to cloud-based computing solutions to enable more educational and administrative services.

A big focus for Alexandria is being able to support remote learning. Having learned vital lessons from pivoting from in-person classes to online education during the COVID-19 pandemic, schools are investing in more bandwidth to ensure that quality education can continue uninterrupted when in-classroom learning is not possible.

“For over 30 years, Allied has provided cutting-edge technology and services to keep our local economy strong, our businesses humming, and our students’ learning,” said Ricardo Brooks, Chief Operating Officer of Allied Technology Group. "As a Northern Virginia-based business, and as a partner in the federal E-rate program, we take great pride in contributing to the success of our teachers and students."

Besides serving Alexandria City Public Schools, Allied provides data, internet, and cloud-based services to Catholic University, Gallaudet University, and Anne Arundel Public Schools.

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