Tempo Communications enhances fiber tech training with its Fiber Trainer offering

Feb. 22, 2024
This platform gives trainers another tool to guide new technicians about the realities of the issues they would face installing fiber in the field.

Tempo Communications has introduced its Fiber Trainer offering, a new tool aimed at helping fiber optic trainers more effectively prepare new technicians to deal with real-world issues in the field. 

This innovation is a compact and comprehensive platform tailored to train technicians in fundamental fiber network installation and maintenance techniques.  

Fiber Trainer features a suite of loss events to replicate real-world scenarios, including faulty connectors, Macrobends, and damaged fiber optic cables.


A crucial part of its design is a 1km fiber link, which is integrated to offer students a typical fiber link with a fault positioned midway. This setup empowers technicians to utilize the Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) to test and evaluate the 1km link.

The Fiber Trainer has two fiber spools, providing ample fiber for fusion splicing exercises. The connectors on the ends of the fiber spools offer convenient connections for loss testing, enabling students to measure and validate fusion splice loss accurately.

The Fiber Trainer is built with the components a technician needs to learn how to:

·       Cleave and splice fiber optic cables with a fusion splicer

·       Inspect and Clean connectors and bulkheads with a video inspection probe and typical cleaning supplies

·       Locate fiber faults using a visual fault locator

·       Measure the loss of the fiber using optical power meters and light sources

·       Utilize an OTDR to measure length and loss using Auto or Expert modes

Oleg Fishel, VP of product management at Tempo, said the "solution enhances hands-on learning and equips technicians with the practical skills needed to navigate the complexities of fiber optic network installations and maintenance."