WOWaccess (No, not that WOW!) Changing Name

Jan. 20, 2016
What's in a name? Does branding by any other name really smell as sweet? Well, yes and no. To avoid being confused with its similarly named ...

To avoid being confused with its similarly named competitor WOW!, WOWaccess will be changing its name to Access Broadband. Based in Naperville, IL, Access Broadband owns its own fiber-optic network and provides broadband Internet, voice and data center services.

In 2014, Access Broadband began to build its own fiber network to increase bandwidth and enhance its coverage in the Chicago suburbs of Naperville, Lisle, Oak Brook, Downers Grove and Elgin. Cable operator WOW! also operates in the vicinity.

"With the addition of our own fiber-optic network, we needed to be confident there was no confusion from clients between us and our competition. We were at the point where our potential clients were all too often calling a similarly named competitor resulting in confusion," said owner Brian Armstrong.