Loveland Pulse to bring fiber broadband services to Timnath, Colorado

Aug. 16, 2023
The community will gain a new choice for high-speed broadband, video and voice service.

Pulse, a northern Colorado community-owned communications utility, has been selected by the Town of Timnath to be its broadband services provider. The decision to move forward with Pulse was officially presented as an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) during the August 8, 2023, Timnath Town Council meeting and Tuesday’s Loveland City Council meeting.

Timnath’s decision to work with Pulse didn’t come overnight. The town conducted a detailed broadband feasibility study and Broadband Letter of Intent process.

“The selection of Pulse as our broadband service provider reflects a thorough process of assessment and consideration,” said Brian Williamson, Timnath’s Town Planner. “We are excited to work together, leveraging their expertise to ensure our residents have access to reliable, high-speed internet that will contribute to the growth and prosperity of Timnath.”

Under the terms of the IGA, Pulse will provide a 25% share of gross income on wireline internet service to the Town. That translates to a 2% to 6% return on the town’s capital investment over 20 to 30 years. Total payback is estimated to take about 26 years. Existing Town Capital Improvement Funds will fund the initial phase of capital construction in the amount of $20 million.

The initial planning phase focuses on design and pre-construction preparations, and the permitting process will begin immediately, followed by the network construction phase to include service installation and testing. The construction phase is anticipated to start this year and will be executed by Pulse’s locally owned and operated construction partners in collaboration with Pulse’s national communications division. This team will implement a process to communicate with community members, execute work that is as minimally disruptive as possible and respond to community queries quickly and easily. From construction kick-off to service light-up in an area, the timeline is expected to be between six to nine months.

Construction of the entire Timnath community is anticipated to take four to five years. Pulse will provide four primary services to Town of Timnath subscribers: symmetrical multi-gigabit internet, Wi-Fi, voice and Pulse TV.

Established in 2018, Pulse delivers multi-gigabit internet, whole-home managed Wi-Fi, streaming TV, and voice services to Loveland, Colo. and surrounding areas.