Broadband Forum, Fiber Broadband Association pact sets common broadband service delivery goal

July 20, 2023
The agreement will combine the Fiber Broadband Association’s strong advocacy, industry research, workforce development and educational experience with Broadband Forum.

Broadband Forum and the Fiber Broadband Association signed an agreement to advance the industry forward with future-proof, high-capacity, low latency fiber broadband capabilities that they say will enable the Metaverse and beyond.

By leveraging the two organization’s common focus on developing and educating the broadband industry on best practices, the agreement will combine the Fiber Broadband Association’s background and expertise in fiber advocacy, research, education, and member and community resources with Broadband Forum’s technical strengths in best practices, interoperability, certification, and standards.

Both groups gain something by synching up together.

Broadband Forum will leverage the new relationship by increasing awareness of its progress in technology, standards and certification work. It will also increase awareness and education amongst Tier 1, 2, and 3 operators and vendors of its mission to advance broadband innovation and the benefits of interoperability.

Likewise, the agreement will give the Fiber Broadband Association’s Technology Committee leadership team increased visibility of Broadband Forum’s work across all areas of fiber broadband service delivery from inside the building, across the fiber access network to the cloud. It will also give the Fiber Broadband Association the opportunity to contribute to current and future specification work and represent the needs of fiber broadband providers within the Broadband Forum community in the Americas. The Broadband Forum has held technical pre-conference workshops at the past two Fiber Broadband Association Fiber Connect annual conferences and will become a more integral part of the conference.

Ken Ko, Managing Director at Broadband Forum, said that the agreement recognizes the growing diversity of broadband providers. “We are pleased to sign an agreement in principle with the Fiber Broadband Association and we look forward to its members’ engagement and contributions,” he said. “The largest operators have traditionally contributed the most to industry standards, but now, operators of all sizes have a level playing field. The Fiber Broadband Association represents the full fiber ecosystem with 51% of its members being network operators and the other half representing the supply side of the industry, with the fiber manufacturers, equipment vendors, engineering consultants and deployment specialists, so its value cannot be overstated.”

Gary Bolton, President and CEO at the Fiber Broadband Association, agreed and added that the partnership enables it to further advocate the build out of new fiber broadband networks. “In an effort to achieve true progress, we recognize it takes a collaborative engagement across the entire broadband industry and that is why we have formed alliances with some of the most impactful broadband organizations across the globe,” said “Our agreement with Broadband Forum is an exciting next step in our journey to advance fiber deployments across the Americas and finally connect every community to standardized, ubiquitous, high-speed broadband services.”

The collaboration between the two organizations will be represented at the Fiber Broadband Association’s Fiber Connect 2023 event in Orlando, Florida, from August 20-23. Broadband Forum is presenting the Technology Deep Dives track.