Broadpeak Plans CDN Analytics for ANGA

Content Dam Btr Migrated 2012 06 Broadpeak Bka100
Broadpeak Bka100 300x180Broadpeak has introduced the BkA100, a video delivery analytics solution intended to streamline an operator's CDN. It's designed to enable operators to access information located in video streaming servers for system monitoring information, capacity planning details, and marketing analytics. Broadpeak will launch the BkA100 at the 2012 ANGA Cable Show.

Built upon a scalable architecture, the BkA100 is designed to identify metrics, as well as the raw data necessary to compute them, and then provide a shared view of the material that can be accessed simultaneously by multiple users. It first centralizes the raw data in a variety of formats using adapted protocols. The system then computes key values depending on the specifics of the operator's business. A graphical user interface displays dashboards and graphs, which can be exported in a range of formats.
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