Connected Dallas and CitySquare launch community anchor site

April 3, 2024
Community members will have access to digital service assistance.

The Dallas Innovation Alliance (DIA) announced on April 2 that it has opened a fourth community anchor site at CitySquare through the Connected Dallas Digital Ambassador program, which aims to provide digital touchpoints for community members.

Jennifer Sanders, executive director of the Dallas Innovation Alliance, said in a press release, “Complex challenges require partnerships and intentionality in serving communities across Dallas and beyond. With community anchor sites operating in South Dallas, Bachman Lake, Vickery Meadow, and now, CitySquare, we are continuing to learn how best to serve through the guidance of our partners and community members. Fully participating in today’s world requires access and knowledge on internet use and services and we’re grateful to play a small part in reaching all of our goal of internet for all.”

The CitySquare site will be staffed by Connected Dallas’s Digital Ambassadors, who will provide assistance with digital services like tech support, finding free or affordable internet plans, and enrolling in assistance programs. The site will also host digital skills workshops.

Annam Manthiram, CEO of CitySquare, said in the press release, “The launch of this program and internet access and support at CitySquare are critical components of meeting the needs of our neighbors and community. At CitySquare, we are committed to creating a welcoming environment that can support the needs of our neighbors across all aspects of life, from food access to health, housing, employment, and beyond. We are thrilled that this partnership is a part of the Opportunity Center and look forward to our neighbors experiencing the power of connectivity.”

DIA reports that the next cycle of community anchor site locations will be announced later this spring.

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