Meridiam begins construction on Alabama fiber infrastructure project

March 20, 2024
The network will span more than 300 miles of the state’s underserved Black Belt region.

The global investor and asset manager Meridiam began construction on a new high-speed fiber-optic network project in early March. When finished, the network will provide fiber broadband access to 53,000 households and businesses in Alabama’s Black Belt.

Funding for the project, totaling $230 million, is being provided in full by Meridiam’s Yellowhammer Networks, which will also provide strategic, technical, and operational support. Omnipoint will be the initial ISP partner.

Nicolas Rubio, Meridiam’s CEO for the Americas, said in a press release, “Meridiam is dedicated to filling critical fiber infrastructure gaps and helping eliminate the divide that excludes millions of people from our digital society and compromises economic growth for all. Yellowhammer Networks is determined to make high-speed fiber broadband accessible to residents throughout Selma and the region regardless of their income levels.”

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