Novos Fiber announces $20 million allocation to expand its fiber broadband services to McKinney, Texas

Feb. 21, 2024

Novos Fiber, the InLight Capital-funded customer-centric brand of Flying Bull Internet, announced on Feb. 19 that it is entering the McKinney, Texas, market following a successful debut of its FTTH services in Arlington, Texas.

$20 million has been allocated by the company to bring services online in McKinney, which comes in addition to another $25 million the company is investing in its Arlington service.

In a press release, Novos Fiber CEO Andrew Snead said, “We’re delighted to be building in McKinney. It’s an incredibly vibrant and fast-growing city, and we’re excited to bring residents high-speed fiber internet with our promise of fairness, transparency, and a genuine focus on the customer experience. It’s tremendously humbling to hear residents thanking the team for bringing choice to their neighborhood.”

Novos expects to begin offering services to an initial group of customers by the end of February and, in the coming months, will expand to additional communities. The company also reports that it is investing in school and city-organized events in the McKinney community.

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