More Fidium Fiber multi-gig network expansion set for northern New England in 2023

Dec. 15, 2022
Fidium Fiber said it will be bringing multi-gig broadband service to more locations in Maine and Vermont next year.
Consolidated Communications
Fidium Map

Expansion of Fidium Fiber’s symmetrical multi-gigabit fiber-optic network and broadband services will continue across northern New England in 2023. According to a press statement, residents in the communities of Lewiston, Scarborough, Ellsworth, and Blue Hill, Maine, and St. Albans, Vermont can now pre-order Fidium Fiber, which name comprises Consolidated Communications' (NASDAQ: CNSL) residential fiber internet service offering in the U.S. Fidium service is available in California, Illinois, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Texas and Vermont.

More information will be shared with northern New England towns and residents as the new fiber network build progresses in 2023. Residents can sign up to receive emails to stay up to date. Mailers, door hangers and construction alerts will be distributed to keep the public informed. Fidium Fiber cites itself as delivering "multi-gig, symmetrical, fiber internet without contracts, data caps or hassles." All Fidium plans offer symmetrical speeds from 50 Mbps to 2 Gigabits. Other offerings include phone service through VoIP plans and streaming TV services. Discounts are available to qualified customers through the Affordable Connectivity Plan and Lifeline.

“Residents across northern New England have been waiting for better internet, and it’s coming soon in these and more communities,” said Erik Garr, president of Fidium Fiber. “I’m really excited for everyone to experience the full Fidium treatment, with superfast speeds, a WiFi experience that works with your needs, and customer service that makes you smile.”

This past June, Fidium Fiber ramped it service to a symmetrical 2 Gigabits with WiFi 6 mesh service across its entire, 8-state national network.