Ritter conducts XGS-PON fiber connectivity expansion in Missouri

Oct. 26, 2022
Ritter Communications is bringing its telecom service and advanced cloud platforms to businesses, manufacturers, healthcare and schools in Cape Girardeau, as the company’s first expansion project in Missouri.

Jonesboro, Arkansas-based Ritter Communications, among the largest privately held telecommunications providers serving exclusively the Mid-South U.S., has now announced a $5.5 million expansion project to bring its telecom services and advanced cloud technology platforms to businesses, manufacturers, healthcare and schools in Cape Girardeau, Missouri as the company’s first expansion project in the state. 

According to a press release, Ritter Communications is the first to bring XGS-PON technology to the Cape Girardeau area. The technology uses comprehensive fiber connectivity to power the company’s range of broadband and telecom systems and services with speeds up to 100 gigabits per second.

In addition, Cape Girardeau customers have access to the Ritter's Data Technology Center, a highly secure, world-class facility equipped with local customer support teams, offering advanced cloud platforms to meet the unique information and storage needs of businesses.

Ritter Communications CEO Alan Morse said:

“We are excited to bring our best-in-class fiber service to Missouri and proud to start in Cape Girardeau. High-quality telecom services are essential to organizations of all sizes and all industries. Ritter Communications services and solutions are tools organizations need to not only support their day-to-day operations but to thrive and serve their communities. ”

Construction of the expansion project began in April 2022. Cape Girardeau customers will start receiving Ritter Communications telecom services by late October.

Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Rob Gilligan commented:

“High-quality telecom services are necessary to keep and attract businesses in today’s world and economy. We’re grateful that Ritter Communications is investing in our rural community and bringing established and future organizations in Cape Girardeau the ability to access services they need to better serve our community.”

Learn more at www.RitterBusiness.com.

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