Lumos invests $20M for more Virginia fiber broadband infrastructure

Oct. 20, 2022
Lumos stated that the broadband expansion will blanket the Lynchburg, Va. region with nearly 300 miles of the latest fiber-optic network technology.

On Oct. 18, Lumos announced it will be making a significant technology infrastructure investment in the Lynchburg, Virginia region, specifically across the state's Bedford and Campbell counties, bringing fully fiber-optic internet service to approximately 18,000 residents and businesses in the local area.

Lumos stated that the broadband expansion will blanket the region with nearly 300 miles of the latest fiber-optic technology, with a capital investment of more than $20 million, providing internet services to underserved areas while creating economic advantages that will stand to served the communities for decades to come.

Megan Lucas, CEO and chief economic development officer for the Lynchburg Regional Business Alliance, commented:

“Lumos has been a vital broadband partner and the Alliance is thrilled to see their continued expansion in our region. Broadband is an essential asset and with over 2,200 small businesses and over 16,000 households being impacted, this goes a long way in ensuring our rural areas have access for economic opportunity.”

With speed tiers of up to 2 Gbps x 2 Gbps, equating to 154 times faster uploads and 12 times faster downloads than traditional cable, the operator hopes the new fiber network will foster applications from telemedicine to videoconferencing to streaming and learning from home environments.

Brian Stading, Lumos CEO, commented:

“The world is more connected than ever, and communities need high speeds to keep pace. Lumos aims to unlock the potential of the digital world by providing 100% fiber-optic internet to a previously underserved community. We are helping to ensure our local communities and small businesses stay agile with a digital infrastructure that can keep pace with a changing world. We are continuously creating a connection to the future by bringing the best technology available to the community.”

Engineering work by Lumos has already begun, with construction starting soon. The operator said county residents will receive communication by mail when construction begins.

 Robert Hiss, Bedford county administrator, concluded:

“Fiber broadband is a necessity, so we are pleased Lumos is expanding its network in Bedford County. We encourage competition amongst internet service providers, which can only benefit our residents and businesses. Lumos has a positive history in our region and in the Commonwealth, and its track record of community building and quality customer service are desirable attributes.”

In July, Lumos announced it would expand fiber infrastructure to Virginia’s Tidewater region, with FTTP broadband deployments set to begin in 2023. And just last month, Lumos announced an investment of nearly $50 million for construction for a new fiber network in North Carolina's Durham and Orange Counties, also starting in early 2023.

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