Vyve readies symmetrical fiber broadband for underserved Franklin, N.C.

Oct. 5, 2022
Franklin, N.C. is a part of a group of 25 new communities that Vyve announced it was expanding its Fiber Business Services to earlier in 2022.

Internet service provider Vyve Business Services is bringing its Fiber Business Services offering to the underserved community of Franklin, North Carolina.

The ISP reported in September that businesses within the city will soon be able to enjoy symmetrical, fiber-based broadband with speeds up to 10 Gbps.

Vyve’s network infrastructure in Franklin will provide the physical gateway for businesses to access digital services that this ISP maintains can enable greater opportunities for optimized efficiency, productivity and growth.

The ISP maintains that businesses will benefit from access to Vyve’s high-speed broadband in the following ways:

  • Ability to leverage cloud-based communication and collaboration solutions.
  • Scalability to manage the proliferation of bandwidth hungry IoT applications.
  • Faster downloading and uploading of large files and data sets.
  • Improved video streaming and video conferencing.
  • Upgraded phone systems with access to new, beneficial features.
  • Access to vital data security tools and network architectures.
  • An end to downtime caused by slow or interrupted internet.

Vyve Business Services operates a network spanning 16 states, with built-in redundancy and reliability (99.99% uptime), and Tier 1 exchange points in some of America’s largest cities.

With the aforementioned announcement, the company noted it is continuing to deliver on its founding mission to provide high-speed internet services to traditionally underserved communities, regardless of location or socioeconomics. Franklin, N.C. is a part of a group of 25 new communities that Vyve announced it was expanding its Fiber Business Services to earlier in 2022.

Ed Butler, chief commercial officer of Vyve Broadband, commented:

“High-speed broadband is not just a luxury item. It’s the doorway to fast, reliable and secure business services that are essential to sustainable, long-term business growth. Since our founding, we have invested our own capital and championed the delivery of the best technologies to everyone, everywhere. Our fiber will serve as a gateway to endless growth for businesses in Franklin, enabling them to attract new customers, create relationships with new business partners and simply do more, faster and easier than before. We’re thrilled to be a part of this community.”

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