Bell intros 3-Gbps fiber broadband in Québec City

June 20, 2022
Bell pairs the new service with its Home Hub 4000 with WiFi 6.
Bell 3 Gbps

Canada’s Bell says it has launched symmetrical 3-Gbps pure fibre Internet broadband in parts of Québec City, with other areas in the province on the short-term roll-out list.

Bell pairs the service with its Home Hub 4000 with WiFi 6. The operator first signaled its intentions toward 3-Gbps broadband this past April.

The company asserts the new service is 2X faster than its cable competition, with an upload transmission rate 30X faster.

The service boost comes as Bell continues to deploy additional fiber to the home (FTTH) infrastructure. The company expects to reach up to 900,000 more homes and businesses with fiber across most of Canada this year.

The effort is part of the second and final year of a nearly CAN$10 billion program to beef up Bell’s broadband fiber, 5G, and rural networks.

"Ten years ago, Québec City was the first city in Québec to have access to Bell's fiber to the home technology, and today Bell is proud to introduce the fastest speeds in Québec to its the citizens,” commented Karine Moses, Bell vice chair, Québec.

Moses concluded, “Our customers can now get download speeds of 3 Gbps, 2 times faster than cable and upload speeds of 3 Gbps, which is 30 times faster than cable. We look forward to continuing to deliver the speed and reliability that our customers need so that they can do what they need to do online even faster."