Cox expands ConnectAssist internet affordability program 

Nov. 16, 2021
ConnectAssist is the latest Cox Communications offering to increase internet accessibility and enhance digital equity in an effort to close "the digital divide."

Cox Communications announced it has broadened its affordability portfolio by expanding its low-cost internet tier, named ConnectAssist. The newly expanded offering is one of Cox's efforts to create digital equity, and is designed for low-income households who don't qualify for Connect2Compete, the related Cox program which is designed for families with children in grades K-12 who are enrolled in government financial assistance programs.

"We are determined to narrow the digital divide by making connectivity and digital literacy easily accessible to everyone in our communities," said Mark Greatrex, Cox Communications incoming president. "This offering further expands and strengthens our affordability options as well as our focus on digital equity." 

The ConnectAssist internet package provides customers with internet access and a modem rental for $30/month plus taxes, which can support speeds up to 50 Mbps download/3 Mbps upload. Eligible customers can sign up at and are not required to go through credit checks, commit to term agreements, or pay deposits. Other key program features include: EasyConnect self-installation or $20 professional installation; and access to Wifi Hotspots, Cox Security Suite Plus and Digital Academy 

The Digital Academy is the digital literacy arm of Cox's affordability program designed to connect families, educators, community leaders and students with free access to tips, educational videos and tutorials to ensure safe and effective online behavior. This platform is continuously updated with fresh and relevant information. 

The ConnectAssist program is available to households who participate in one of these government subsidies programs: SNAP, TANF, Head Start, WIC, LIHEAP, Public Housing, Pell Grant, Veterans Pension & Survivors Benefits, Tribal Programs, Supplemental Security Income, or Medicaid. 

Customers qualifying for ConnectAssist are also most likely eligible for the Federal Government's Emergency Broadband Benefit program, making internet connectivity even more affordable. Customers may be able to get ConnectAssist for as low as $0/month after discount with the Emergency Broadband Benefit. The discount amount and eligibility are based on EBB program rules which are subject to change. Customers can learn more about the EBB program (and check their eligibility) at