Sonic brings ADTRAN’s 10G Combo PON to Oakland, CA

Oct. 8, 2021
The TA5000 and Combo PON will enable Sonic to leverage both GPON and XGS-PON to provide gigabit and higher-speed broadband services.

ADTRAN, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADTN) says it is supplying its Total Access 5000 (TA5000) equipped with Combo PON technology to Sonic. The ISP is using the platform to upgrade its broadband infrastructure in Oakland, CA. The TA5000 and Combo PON will enable Sonic to leverage both GPON and XGS-PON to provide gigabit and higher-speed broadband services.

“Sonic’s longstanding relationship with ADTRAN enables us to maintain a cutting-edge fiber network that delivers reliable connectivity to our subscribers. We looked to continue that tradition when expanding our footprint into Oakland, and ADTRAN’s Combo PON technology was the right solution to do that,” said Nathan Patrick, CTO at Sonic.

Patrick added, “Delivering 10-Gbps customer connections on day one means we won’t have to revisit those same customers’ homes and businesses for years to come. That reduces our costs, protects market share, and enables us to rapidly evolve our network to support the latest broadband technologies while consistently delivering California’s fastest internet.”

“Many service providers large and small are looking to grow market share but entering a highly competitive new market demands a differentiated service offering. Our customers, large and small, are leveraging our Combo PON technology to quickly and easily deploy high-capacity services. That makes our Combo PON OLT our fastest selling product ever,” concluded Craig Stein, vice president of sales at ADTRAN. “We’re proud to partner with service providers, like Sonic, that continue to push the envelope and create amazing broadband experiences.”