TalkTalk sends FTTH broadband to 130K+ in northern UK

Sept. 29, 2021
TalkTalk has tapped broadband equipment supplier DZS and fiber network infrastructure provider Freedom Fibre to reach more than 130,000 potential subscribers in Northwest England.

TalkTalk has tapped broadband equipment supplier DZS (NASDAQ: DZSI) and fiber network infrastructure provider Freedom Fibre to enable the UK service provider to reach more than 130,000 potential subscribers in Northwest England.

The fiber network deployment is already underway, according to DZS.

“Communities of all sizes the world over need exponentially greater bandwidth, and PON with its high performance and interoperability with existing services is the best solution for many new projects like the network that Freedom Fibre is building for TalkTalk,” commented Charlie Vogt, president and CEO, DZS.

DZS will supply GPON and XGS-PON technology for the fiber broadband network deployment. 

Vogt added, “This combination of DZS technology and Freedom Fibre expertise is a win-win for TalkTalk and its residential subscribers, who will benefit from greatly improved connectivity and exceptional reliability. We applaud Freedom Fibre for its innovative, future-proof FTTx architecture that drives efficiency while enhancing quality, cost-effectiveness and value, whatever the bandwidth requirements.”

GPON and XGS-PON technology systems for the deployment will include elements of the DZS Velocity portfolio of optical line terminals (OLTs) as well as DZS Helix optical network terminals (ONTs).

“Freedom Fibre is dedicated to driving change across the local area and beyond by working with service providers to optimize the UK’s fiber network,” said Darren Woods, CFO of Freedom Fibre.

Woods concluded, “We are proud that despite ongoing supply chain issues and other challenges that the pandemic has presented for businesses, we have, in collaboration with DZS, been able to seamlessly deliver a brand-new network for TalkTalk that brings high-powered broadband access to thousands of homes. With its leading GPON and XGS-PON technology, DZS aligns perfectly with Freedom Fibre’s expertise and focus on rolling out high-performance FTTx networks with innovative architectures that deliver an optimal experience for the subscriber while saving time and costs for the operator.”