Public utility FPUA employs Fujitsu in FL fiber broadband build

Aug. 27, 2021
The Fort Pierce Utilities Authority (FPUA) board launched a smart city initiative in 2018 to include providing high-speed internet throughout the city.

Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc.says that it will help Fort Pierce Utilities Authority (FPUA) to provide planning, design, and deployment of a fiber broadband network in the Lincoln Park section of the community, which is located on Florida’s east coast.

Public utility FPUA has provided electric, water, wastewater, and natural gas services to Fort Pierce and surrounding areas since 1972 and broadband to large businesses and anchor institutions through its FPUAnet division since the early 2000s.

The FPUA Board launched a smart city initiative in 2018 that would include providing high-speed internet throughout the city. That includes Lincoln Park, designated as one of the city’s revitalization zones.

The Lincoln Park effort will proceed in phases, with first service turnup in early 2022.

The initiative will be designed to support future wireless infrastructure deployments, including public Wi-Fi.

As prime broadband network integrator, Fujitsu will provide providing market analysis, financial/ business modeling, engineering design, deployment services, and overall project management.

“We are making a vital investment in digital equity for one of our community’s most underserved neighborhoods,” said Jason Mittler, FPUAnet manager, FPUA. “We trust in Fujitsu’s experience and vendor-neutral approach to help us successfully roll out this project.”

“Network connectivity with equal access is important for community inclusion, education possibilities and economic development,” concluded Greg Manganello, senior vice president and head of wireless and service solutions, Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc. “We are pleased to support FPUA’s mission to provide a next-generation network to enhance their customers’ quality of life.”