Casa Systems aims FTTH fiber extension line at underserved communities

June 4, 2021
The company says deployment is currently underway with top-tier service providers in the U.S. and Europe.
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Casa Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CASA), a global provider of physical and cloud-native infrastructure technology for wireless and wireline networks, on June 3 announced the introduction of its Fiber Extension solutions product line and recent deployments with leading top-tier service providers in the United States and Europe.

Casa Systems says its Fiber Extension solutions accelerate the delivery of high-quality, high-capacity broadband services and solve the “last mile” fiber problem, enabling service providers to deliver broadband services to homes and businesses previously deemed too difficult to connect.

As reckoned by a company statement:

Fueled by dramatic increases in broadband demand, Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) deployments are on the rise with service providers around the world. FTTH offers the promise of higher-speed, lower latency services for end-users but these deployments can be challenging, impacted by several factors that limit access to the premises, such as harsh terrain, historical buildings, or contractual restrictions.
Casa Systems’ Fiber Extension solutions remove these challenging physical barriers enabling service providers to maximize existing FTTH deployment investments and extend broadband services to unserved or underserved end-users. Casa Systems’ Fiber Extension solutions are well suited for U.S. Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) and communications infrastructure programs designed to bring broadband to rural areas around the globe.
Casa Systems’ Fiber Extension solutions open new opportunities for service providers to gain access to larger markets and provide end-users with access to fiber-like symmetrical upstream and downstream gigabit speeds.

“Service providers and governments around the world now recognize the critical importance of providing premium, fiber-based broadband speeds and service to everyone,” observes Jeff Heynen, VP of Broadband Access and Home Networking, Dell’Oro Group. “Providers need solutions that allow them to deliver these services across their entire subscriber base quickly and cost-effectively.”

In response to this challenge, Casa Systems says its extensive Fiber Extension solutions portfolio addresses a broad range of use cases and deployment types, ensuring availability of a device that meets the service provider’s requirements.

Notably, the introduction of the new 1-port Distribution Point Unit (DPU) further expands Casa Systems’ Fiber Extension solutions portfolio, which includes a comprehensive set of DPUs that the company asserts "can be deployed anywhere, handle the elements, and are designed with the service provider’s existing network in mind. Service providers benefit from new revenue opportunities, while customers in underserved communities gain access to symmetrical upstream and downstream gigabit speeds," adds a Casa Systems statement.

Interoperable with a service provider’s existing fiber access nodes and management platforms, Casa Systems contends its Fiber Extension solutions are equivalent to an ONT in the network. Meanwhile, the company's flexible range of in-home Network Termination Devices (NTDs) can be self-installed by end-users, removing the need for costly professional installation. "With Casa Systems’ Fiber Extension solution, deployment is easy and efficient for both the service provider and the end-user," states the company.

Steve Collins, SVP of Access Devices for Casa Systems, added, “Casa Systems’ Fiber Extension solutions offer the ideal technology to complete a FTTH strategy. They ensure that every user, every home is able to enjoy high-quality broadband without the worries of building access and other physical barriers. We designed our Fiber Extension solutions to emulate an ONT, making it an easy addition to a service provider’s fiber deployment without the additional burden typically associated with onboarding a new technology into the network. Our portfolio allows services providers to quickly and easily fill network gaps caused by unforeseen accessibility barriers.”

Casa Systems' product announcement concludes by pointing out:

A push to bridge the digital divide and connect all citizens with gigabit-speed broadband is driving new subsidization and investment programs in broadband access networks, especially in the U.S. where the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund and a recently proposed multi-billion dollar infrastructure program are gaining traction. With our extensive Fiber Extension solutions portfolio, Casa Systems offers service providers a variety of solution options that bring affordable and reliable broadband connectivity to all communities.

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