Consolidated Communications expands FTTP gigabit broadband roll-out in CA

May 7, 2021
Consolidated Communications now offers FTTP gigabit broadband in Sacramento and Roseville, California, as well as more than 1,500 locations in Elk Grove and Citrus Heights.

Consolidated Communications (NASDAQ: CNSL) says it is now offering gigabit broadband to more than 22,000 residential and small business sites in Sacramento and Roseville, CA, via its fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) network. More than 1,500 locations in Elk Grove and Citrus Heights can access the FTTP gigabit broadband services as well, according to the company.

The service roll-outs are part of an initiative that launched last December. Consolidated plans to upgrade 1.6 million locations across its 23-state footprint to symmetrical gigabit broadband via FTTP over a five-year period.

The company adds that it will not impose data caps, throttle speeds, or charge heavy data users more for their service.

“Gigabit broadband internet access gives residents the speeds they need to work and learn from home and helps businesses more efficiently access the cloud,” explained Rob Koester, senior vice president of consumer product management at Consolidated Communications. “The delivery of gig speeds supports the high-bandwidth activities of residents and small businesses, and we know these benefits, and others, will improve the broadband experience in the community.”

“Roseville was recently recognized by as the fifth best place to live in the U.S. if you work from home, a ranking that wouldn’t be possible if our residents lacked access to high-speed, reliable internet like Consolidated Communications has long offered,” added Wendy Gerig, CEO of the Roseville Area Chamber. “These new upgrades reinforce what Roseville residents already know: whether you return to your office or continue working remotely, you’re in good hands with Consolidated.”