Using the GPS-Based CPAT FLEX Ingress Detection Solution

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Return path ingress is transient, and makes detection a constant struggle for cable operators. Therefore, current detection methods translate into tremendous technician time-loss compromised customer confidence and significant revenue loss.

A study carried in 2017 across several MSOs showed that while cable operators monitor only mid-band events (16% of all events) and LTE (66% of all events), they were missing out on 95% of total cable network impairments.

Effigis exclusive GPS-based technology enables technicians to localize ingress within a few meters. This solution combines wireless, portable detection tools that are connected in real-time to a cable network maintenance management software. This solution reaches an unparalleled level of detection speed and accuracy. Operating in continuous monitoring mode based on user-friendly, wireless and web-based devices and applications, the solution lowers the mean time-to repair from days to hours, while reducing truck rolls and repair technician time from hours to minutes. It can work as a stand-alone or valued-added complement to existing proactive network maintenance (PNM) tools and full-band capture cable modems.

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